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At 18, I moved out of my parents house in North Carolina and into my grandpa's tiny 1 bedroom apartment in Washington state. About a year or so prior to moving, I visited Washington for the first time, and it was really the first vacation I'd been on where I had absolutely no desire to return home. I was so drawn to all the beauty this state had to offer...oceans, mountains, forests...Washington had it all. When I decided to move I didn't have a real plan, but I knew I was gonna do everything I could to make it work. July 20, 2019 will mark my 3rd year anniversary of living here, and that blows my mind. I feel as though I've barely scratched the surface of all there is to see and do here. As of right now, this website is basically just a Washington state fan page, haha. I want to share some of the experiences, photos, and knowledge I've gained since living here, and hopefully it creates a desire in some of you to just get outside and do the same.

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