Fremont Lookout

Rainier National Park

           Fremont Lookout, built in 1934, can be reached by doing a 5.6 mile roundtrip hike, with a breezy 900 ft. elevation gain. The trailhead begins at the Sunrise Visitor Center parking lot in Mount Rainier National Park, and it's just 2.8 miles from the trailhead to the lookout. This has to be one of my favorite lookout hikes, because the trail traverses along an open meadow, and you get stunning views of Rainier along the whole way. I 100% recommend doing this hike for sunrise, just make sure to bring warm clothing, as the lookout is locked, and it can get pretty cold and windy up there. 

High Rock Lookout

          High Rock Lookout, built in 1929, is another fairly easy lookout hike which provides a beautiful view of Mount Rainier. My first time doing this hike, it was very smokey because of all the forest fires, and I wasn't able to see Rainier. However, the second time, Rainier was showing off brilliantly in the foreground. This hike is only 3.2 miles RT,  but in that short distance there's a 1365 ft. elevation gain, so it's perfect for a little leg workout, haha. This trail leads through the forest, steadily gaining in elevation. At 1.3 miles, you'll be provided with a view of the lookout. Stay on the path and you'll reach your destination at 1.6 miles! This fire lookout is unlocked, however there's nothing inside.It does provide a nice shelter from the wind, however. Once you reach the top, you'll be provided with beautiful views of Rainier (hopefully) , Cora Lake, and all the surrounding mountains.

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